Ashley Lowe Mackenzie

Office 316
213 Ballard Extension Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

Field of Interest

  • Environmental and Natural Resource
  • Provision of Environmental Public Goods
  • Outdoor Recreational Economy
  • Applied Microeconomics
  • Non-Market Evaluation
  • Behaviroal Economics
  • Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Social Media

Current Research

The Instragram Effect - Is social media changing our demand for public land?

The role of social media and its effect on consumer behavior is an emerging field of study. Apps, such as Instagram, expose individuals to new opportunities for recreation by providing location data via hashtags and geotagging. The information is instantaneous and can provide current weather and air quality, as well as aesthetic cues making users aware of specific locations with outstanding natural beauty. Journalists and park managers claim social media, in particular, Instagram, is the cause of the recent rise in visitation throughout U.S. public lands. This paper examines Instagram location indicators (hashtags and geotagging markers) in a reduced form model and influential posts in a distributed lag model of visitation to state parks in Oregon, with particular focus on Smith Rock State Park (SRSP). Results suggest an increase in monthly visitation of 14% can be attributed to the volume of uploaded geotag photos to Instagram. By using a dynamic model with a distributed lagged of influential post, i.e. highly engaging photos, we find evidence suggesting each highly influential post uploaded 4 months prior increases the overall current visitation level by 0.2%. Furthermore, investigation into a pooled fixed effects model of seven parks support contemporaneous impacts of geotagged photos, but suggest influential post effects are park specific. This study contributes to a better understanding of how online behavior directly affects an important economic activity and resource. It also provides a foundation for public land managers to begin to adapt to increased visitation and the emerging social media paradigm.


Instructor - Oregon State Unversity

  • AEC 253 Environmental Law, Policy and Economics 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant - OSU

  • AEC 525 Applied Econometrics 2019

  • AEC 447 Agriculture Price and Market Analysis 2020

  • AEC/ECON 432 Environmental Law 2019

  • AEC 388 Agricultural Law 2018

  • AEC/ECON 352 Environmental Economics and Policy 2018

  • SUS 350 Sustainable Communities 2020

  • AEC 253 Environmental Law, Policy and Economics 2019

Undergraduate - PSU

  • STAT 105 Criminology Statistics 2009-10

Non-Acedemic Employment

Outdoor Recreation Economic Initiative

  • 2020 Data Anaylst Consultant

2013-14,19 Oregon Parks and Recreational Department

  • 2019 Contractor - Data Anaylst
  • 2013-14 Park Ranger Assistant

Seasonal Recreational Employment

  • 2012 T Lazy Ranch - Snow Mobiles
  • 2012 Denali ATV - Tourism ATV Denali National Park
  • 2009 Vahalla Lodge - Remote Alaska Fishing
  • 2009 Yukon River - Tourism Arctic Circle

Programming and Software Experience

Programming Language

  • HTML

  • CSS (bootstrap)

  • JavaScript (d3, C3, dc, leaflet, Jquery)

  • Markdown

  • Python

  • R

Examples of Website Design

Primary Environment (OpenSource)

  • QGIS

  • R Studio

Proprietary Software



  • Microsoft Office

  • ArcGIS

Awards and Scholarships

2020-21 - ◊ - D. Barton DeLoach Graduate Scholarship in Economics

2017, 2019 - ◊ - Lincoln County Foundation Hall Family Trust Scholarship

2017 - ◊ - Lincoln County Foundation Mark Dimock Scholarship

2017 - ◊ - OSU Emery Castle Scholarship in Economics

2009-2010 - ◊ - Newport, OR VIDA Education Savings Program

2009 - ◊ - Newport High School Doerfler Newport High School Scholarship

Personal Achievements

Avid Backpacker 🗻 Video Editor 🎥

Adventure Documentaries:

Continental Divide Trail

A thru-hike from Canada to Mexico of an approximatley 3,000 miles trail

Completed Jun 28-Nov 21. 2014

  • States Hiked:

  • Montana

  • Wyoming

  • Colorado

  • New Mexico.

Pacific Crest Trail

A thru-hike from Mexico to Canada 2,660 miles Completed Apr.-Oct 2011

Other Production

Betty Ann Coates

A Memorial Video narrated by my grandmother.

Presentations on Hikes

  • REI (Portland, Clackamas, Hillsboro)
  • Logsden Community Club
  • Newport Public Library
  • Rotary Club.