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There are 195 state parks in Oreogn with varies activities avaiable and main attractions.



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The parks can be grouped into 3 regions, the Valley, Coastal and Mountain(Eastern Oregon).


Much of the resent growth has been experienced at the coastal parks.

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Coastal Parks

Top 5 most popular Coastal parks with Hashtag links

1. Yaquina Bay State Park

Visitation : 1,691,972

There are a few different hashtags use, #yaquinabay, #yaquinabaystatepark, etc. The park has access to the beach and north jetty of Newport, but is part of a scenic road route. Much of the traffic is due to the nature of being able to drive through the park. #yaquinabay

2. Harris Beach State Park

Visitation : 1,637,444

The park boasts the largest island off the Oregon coast. Located close to the border of California and Oregon, it has an active hashtag!


3. Sunset Bay State Park

Visitation : 1,387,544

Not to be confused with other #sunsetbay, Sunset Bay Park has seen dramatic growth. The locational tag is more accurate populartiy on social media.


4. D River State Park

Visitation : 1,201,723

Does not have a unique hashtag. It is a park in the heart of Lincoln City. Many Instagram users tend to use location when tagging the park and not a hashtag.


5. Oswald West State Park

Visitation : 1,201,592

Stretching along four miles of coastline in dense, temperate rainforest. This park has an active hashtag and beautiful photos.


Valley Parks

Top 5 most popular valley parks with Hashtag links

1. Silver Falls State Park

Visitation : 1,154,944

An Oregon Jewel, with amazing waterfalls you can hike behind. This hashtag is extremely active.


2. Crown Point State Park Corridor

Visitation : 584,832

Crown Point is famous for two things, the Vista House, and aerial photos of the windy corridor through the gorge.


3. Rooster Rock State Park

Visitation : 557,788

A popular park that has an optional clothes beach, which has been seeing steady increases in visitation in the last few years.


4. Champoeg State Heritage Area

Visitation : 521,820

Active campground with a combination of history, nature, and recreation. This is the site where Oregon's first provisional government was formed by a historical vote in 1843. It too has a decent amount of activity on instagram


5. Milo McIver State Park

Visitation : 437,288

Being only 45 minutes from Portland, this park provides a variety of outdoor activities.


Mountain Region Parks (Eastern Oregon)

Top 5 most popular Moutain Region parks with Hashtag links

1. Valley of the Rogue State Park

Visitation : 1,154,944

Though the Valley of the Rogue sees the highest visitation in any given year, the do not have an popular hashtag. This is more then likely due to location. The Valley of the Rogue is located along I5 and see a lot of traffic from the busy interstate highway. It also has seen little to no growth over the last decade and has remained rather stable for one of the most popular parks in Oregon.


2. Pilot Butte State Scenic Viewpoint

Visitation : 872,184

Three different trails to chose from. Once at the top, get ready for a grand panoramic view of the high desert.


3. Smith Rock State Park

Visitation : 776,632

Smith Rock has been named one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. It has a variety of outdoor activites including the rock climbing. It also has a very active hashtag. This is the site chosen to look into Preliminary results on how hashtags have changed visitation in the last few years.


4. Prineville Reservoir State Park

Visitation : 548,488

Located outside of the Bend area, this park provides a great place for watersports.


5. The Cove Palisades State Park

Visitation : 458,960

Located outside of the Bend area, this park provides a great place to swim.

Located in our high desert region, the weather is sunny and warm in the summer months and chilly but generally mild in the winter. The park is situated among towering cliffs that surround beautiful Lake Billy Chinook.


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